7 comments on ““Strife” by Trivium – Song Review

  1. I feel Trivium have matured now, with their lack of harsh vocals and focus on melodies and riffs. They’ve become ‘metal’ and not ‘metalcore’. That’s just my taste though.

  2. I think personally this is the best album I have by trivium Matt Heafy has a superb voice and as i like all the other albums this is the one that relay shows of his true vocal ability. I can listen to this album all day. its a matter of personal preference to all but I’m old school maiden Metallica motor-head etc so it suits me fine. Keep up the good work I love it

  3. You apparently listen to Justin Bieber, Bruno mars or similar gay shit because there’s NO WAY “strife” is worth 2.5/5, unless you’re just some pickle-licking troll lol xD 😂 😂 😂

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