We are a music reviewing team dedicated to picking apart the newest releases and separating the chaff from the grain so you don’t have to listen to utter shite. We also review older songs and records, implying which of them are classics and which should be avoided at all costs.

Musician and music lover and a bit of a dick.

Top 8 Artists:

  1. Dream Theater
  2. Iron Maiden
  3. Tesseract
  4. The Cinematic Orchestra
  5. Enter Shikari
  6. Reel Big Fish
  7. KOAN Sound
  8. Darren Korb


Music enthusiast, vocalist, slightly less of a dick than Francis but still a bit of a dick

Top 8 Artists (These change all the time but)

  1. Iron Maiden
  2. Trivium
  3. Machine Head
  4. Frank Turner and The Sleeping Souls
  5. Metallica
  6. A Day To Remember
  7. Lamb Of God
  8. Killswitch Engage


Guitarist, vocalist, music lover. Rarely a dick, often delightful.

Top 8 Artists (Not in any order as it’s too darn hard and subject to change):

  1. Dream Theater
  2. Alter Bridge
  3. Periphery
  4. Stone Sour
  5. Sacred Mother Tongue
  6. Heavens Basement
  7. Guthrie Govan
  8. John Mayer

One comment on “About

  1. I’m interested in the whole music reviewing thing you guys are doing and I was wondering if it’d be cool if I could do it with you, you know if you wanna talk, shoot me an email or ask for my number, thanks

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